Hi, I'm Juan Lopes

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I'm a brazilian computer scientist (B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. student) who lives in Rio de Janeiro and loves programming contests (was five times south-american finalist of the ACM ICPC and once Brazilian champion of the IEEEXtreme). I love competitions mostly because I like to actually write code. An atypical quality for a computer scientist.

I work at Zwift, writing software that handles near real-time communication in a massively multiplayer online game. I'm not so extrovert, but had the chance to talk a little about what I do at work in several conferences. You may find some info below.

Non-code stuff

Putting this section first because if you are here, it's likely because you need the link to the slides of some talk you've attended. Also, there is code in the next section. All the talks are in portuguese, by the way.

Code, yay!

Mostly experimental stuff that I hope someday can be useful to someone.

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